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Top 40 Beauty and the Beast Tattoo



Best Beauty and the Beast Tattoo Ideas

In the realm of Disney iconic films, Beauty and the Beast is a great source of the basis for tattoos. Tattoo since the themes of the film is appealing to everyone.

  • A story about a strong female who overcomes the limitations of her life and achieves her goals.
  • A young man seeks an opportunity to redeem himself from the past.
  • Two people discover that love is more powerful than any adversary.

More than just a perfect tattoo for the Disney fan, The Beauty and the Beast tattoo is more personal for anyone who picks among these styles.

We’ve collected our top Beauty and the Beast tattoo ideas to give you a peek, which hopefully will help you with the next tattoo.

From stunning artwork inspired by the stained glass to more simple depictions of the characters, these tattoos are inspired by the story that has been around for as long as time, precisely what you’re looking for in the perfect tattoo design.

Relax, and pull up your chair and let us take pride in presenting you with your very next tattoo.

The Best Beauty And the Beast Tattoo Ideas

#1 – Stained Glass Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo

Source: Instagram @disneytatts

This tattoo is attractive and stunning with bold colors and stained glass style.
If you were a Beauty or a Beast person, this rose would be immediately recognizable and iconic tattoo design.
A tattoo such as this could be placed on any part of the body and can be done in various sizes based on the message you want to convey.

#2 – Belle and Beast Couple’s tattoo

Source: Instagram @susixla

The simple designs could be used in their way; however, they create a perfect gorgeous couple’s tattoo when they are combined.

The elegant look in these beautiful designs is attractive in contrast with the fierce style. Placing it on the same wrist shows the significance of the tattoos for both the person and the animal.

#3 – Beauty and the Beast Flower Tattoo

Source: Instagram @carolpfutattoo

A classic Disney Beauty and the Beast tattoo encapsulated in an Enchanted Rose is a neat and elegant tattoo. Utilizing red exclusively for the petals of the rose permits for minimal usage of color, but it nonetheless makes a statement.

This simple design can be used as the perfect forearm tattoo or can be easily positioned on the calf, as shown in the image.

#4 – Black and White Beauty and the Beast Tattoo Sleeve

Source: Instagram @davidtatts85

For those who want to incorporate the famous Beauty and the Beast characters in their tattoo, This concept for an apron is the ideal fit.

The idea of ringing Beast and Belle in roses refers to the meaning of roses from the story and adds aesthetics to the tattoo.

The addition of the Beast is also a way to take the sleeve above and beyond the typical Belle tattoo.

#5 – Lumiere Tattoo Full Color

Source: Instagram @crystalhandtattoo17

Fans of the first animated film will be thrilled by the Lumiere tattoo. The tattoo will be the ideal representation for anyone who wishes to honor the iconic character in the classic shades of the character.

The shading on this particular tattoo adds the appearance of depth and life to our beloved animated candelabra.

#6 – Sketchbook Belle Tattoo

Source: Instagram @sarah_allen_tattoo

The sketchbook style is used to create this tattoo. This Belle tattoo is ideal for anyone who loves the girl from the village who became a princess.

The tattoo depicts Belle in an unnatural way and adds to the beauty of the tattoo but still featuring the iconic image of the rose.

The inclusion of The Tale as an old as time quote helps offset the tattoo, especially when it is done in a different shade.

#7 – Chip Hidden Mickey Tattoo

Source: Instagram @melodytatts

In every way, Chip makes a whimsical and playful choice for a simple tattoo that can be positioned anyplace.

It’s a reference to the movie in which he blows bubbles to Belle, and the vibrant colors enhance the fun of this tattoo.

One of our favorite aspects of this design is the hidden Mickey hidden in the bubbles…did you find it?

#8 – Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Belle Tattoo

Source: Instagram @tattoosby_rana

Another sketchbook style, this Belle tattoo has a stunning black and white image with a splash of color due to floral arrangements. Incorporating the iconic characters of Mrs. Potts and Chip adds a fun element to the tattoo.

It is also worth noting that the flowers chosen aren’t usual roses, but flowers that the person already has in a previous tattoo. This makes the design more individual and is different from the standard Beauty and the Beast flower tattoo.

#9 – Beauty and the Beast Stencil Tattoo: Enchanted Mirror

Source: Instagram @crossthelinetattoo

If you’re looking to utilize the tattoo stencil to create an elegant and balanced look, it is a perfect style. Using the stained glass technique makes a tattoo distinctive and is a perfect match with the style of the stencil.

The design has a striking contrast that is highlighted between the beauty of Belle and the brutality of Beast. Due to the shape and size of the design, it is a perfect fit for a sleeve or calf.

#10 – Storybook Beauty and the Beast Tattoo

Source: Instagram @kristyq_tattoos

Unlike other Disney Beauty and the Beast tattoo ideas, The simple book collection is subtle in its hint at the tale.

This makes this stand as a Beauty, and the Beast tattoo is the simple inclusion to the cup with a chip. The vibrant colors and the greenery contribute to the overall beauty of the tattoo.

#11 – Princess Belle Tattoo

Source: Instagram @tattoo_beto

The image of Belle with her formal dress offers this tattoo class and a traditional princess look. The contours and shading of the design add sophistication and detail to the tattoo.

Although the person has put their tattoo in their arms, this could be a fantastic accessory piece.

#12 – Broken Glass Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo

Source: Instagram @stefani.libra

The use of broken glass in this manner illustrates the struggle and desperate nature of this Beast within the tale. Its coloration does not just highlight the rose.

Also, the delicate lines of the tattoo add to the striking color contrast in the rose. The design is perfect for anyone looking for the perfect Beauty and the Beast temporary tattoo since it’s tiny and has only a few colors.

# 13 – Beauty and the Beast Ballroom Scene

Source: Instagram @kirsty636

A nod to the ballroom scene from the past, this is a Beauty and the Beast tattoo idea that’s as timeless as the movie itself.

The design is unique by the pops of color in the background. The design can be used as a part of an overall piece like it appears here, or it could be an independent tattoo.

#14 – Beauty and the Beast Rose and Books

Source: Instagram @desydelpopolo

The bold, opaque colors are perfect for this Beauty and the Beast temporary tattoo. It gives it a realistic look reminiscent of the original animation in the feature.

This is a small-sized design. The tattoo can be put on the shoulder, wrist, ankle, or lower back.

#15 – Pink Rose Tattoo

Source: Instagram @ffion.elizabeth.tattoos

This flower’s delicate appearance makes it a perfect tattoo for a small area of the body, such as the ankle, wrist, and even your forearm.

The color and design, along with the tiny petal dropped off the rose, is subtle but has an obvious connection towards Beauty and the Beast. In addition, the glow lines provide hints at the magic of the rose.

#16 – Singing Lumiere Tattoo

Source: Instagram @saracervelli

The suave candelabra is featured in this vibrant Lumiere tattoo will be a delightful option to add to any Beauty and the Beast tattoo collection.
The specific design featured could also be used as a temporary tattoo using striking and solid colors. Its depiction of Lumiere singing can make the tattoo more engaging than just a picture of the persona.

#17 – Cogsworth and Lumiere Tattoo

Source: Instagram @goldfinchtattoo

A dynamic duo from in the movie, this rendition depicts Cogsworth and Lumiere showcasing their personalities on the move.
The reflection of Lumiere in the glass face of the clock adds a layer of details and a unique aspect that is unique to the tattoo. It’s a fantastic tattoo or an element of a set like an artist has done.

#18 – Charming Belle Tattoo

Source: Instagram @misspoppytattoo

It’s always pleasant to see a gentler aspect of the Beast. This design is a perfect example of the opposite. A touching moment between Belle and the Beast is the perfect homage to the romantic feel of the movie.
A basic black and white pattern lets you enjoy the facial expressions of Belle and Beast.

#19 – Disney Beauty and the Beast 2017 Sleeve

Source: Instagram @leavendetta

This sleeve showcases a more modern and look through the ballroom scene in the live-action film of 2017. The details of the tattoo are amazing and intricate, allowing the love that was felt during the moment to show through.

It’s almost like a portrait painting rather than a tattoo and is an homage to the paintings of Maurice of the film.

#20 – Painted Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo

Source: Instagram @amos_tats

The traditional image of the rose in its glass-protected frame is breathtaking in this image. The color and style of the look like it were painted on, rather than tattooed, speaks to the artist’s artistry. Tattoo artist. A little more elaborate design This tattoo will look best on the thigh (as shown) or behind.

#21 – Beauty and the Beast Tattoo Stencil: Stained Glass

Source: Instagram @savannahosborne09

If you are looking for the design of stained glass, it’s an ideal time to apply stencils for a tattoo stencil if that’s your style of choice.

In this particular case, we get to see Belle and the changed prince (a fun fact the name of his prince is Adam) dancing in the style of stained glass. The jewel-tone hues evoke the traditional look of the film and make it feel as if watching the last scenes.

#22 – A Tale as Old as Time, Beauty and the Beast

Source: Instagram @goldenwatchtattoo

Many people point at the ballroom scene in this film to be the pivotal moment for the couple from companionship to fall in love. In this instance, it can be seen in the expressions on the faces of Belle and Beast.

The subtle use of color in the town of Belle and the Beast’s appearance adds a touch of glamour, while the natural white incorporated into the artwork pulls the whole piece into an impressive style.

#23 – Disney Mash-up

Source: Instagram @lovemyjr2007

This tattoo is ideal for every Disney fan since it takes various components and makes them into one unifying piece.

This tattoo incorporates the iconic Mickey shape of the ear and everybody’s most loved tinker fairy. It is possible to include any of your favorites.
Please take this as an example of how to use one of the Beauty and the Beast tattoo ideas and incorporate them with other characters you like. If you can get more Disney, the better!

#24 – Beauty and the Beast Henna Tattoo

Source: Instagram @zombie.survivor

Although it’s not the typical henna tattoo, the design is reminiscent of the contours and patterns seen in traditional henna tattoos.

Henna is also a single color, like brown or black, as seen in this photo. The stained glass design complements Henna’s bold lines and tendency toward symmetry.

#25 – Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip Sleeve
Source: Instagram

For those who love the funky characters from the castle, these sleeves are a perfect choice. The vibrant colors and the shading highlight the best of the characters adored by fans. The style is ideal with its resemblance to the three characters.

#26 – Enchanted Rose Couple’s Tattoo

Source: Instagram @jblat.tattoos

If it’s to show your affection for each other or to show your appreciation for the movie, the essential magical rose is a great choice to get the perfect tattoo.

This black-and-white pattern isn’t overly romantic or feminine; therefore, it is suitable for siblings, friends, and even significant others. Although these people chose to place their tattoo onto their arms, the size lends itself to nearly any body part.

#27 – The Beast: Just Let Them Come

Source: Instagram @harryjamestattoo

Beautifully designed larger-sized piece of art, this tattoo depicts the Beast in one of the most fragile moments from the movie.

The artist’s shading, colors, and sketchbook style gives the tattoo an extra dimension. Notably, the eyes of the Beast help convey the sadness he’s grieving over Belle’s deportation out of her castle.

#28 – Simple Beast and Belle tattoo

Source: Instagram @besalytattoo

If you’re seeking a less formal Beauty and the Beast tattoo concept, this is the one for you. The clean lines and minimal shading highlight the most significant features of the tattoo and aren’t overly “cartoony.” Ideal for those looking for a film reference but not going too far.

#29 – Truly an Enchanted Rose

Source: Instagram @chriswardentattoosart

Utilizing the look of stained glass, This simple Beauty and the Beast rose tattoo is the ideal back or shoulder piece.

The ring’s blue color compliments the classic rose colors, but it could be re-colored by any colors you’d prefer. A spectrum of stained glass might work in a multi-faceted design such as this.

#30 – Be Our Guest Cogsworth and Lumiere Tattoo

Source: Instagram @homeboysink3600

This particular design reveals the best aspects of Cogsworth and Lumiere, who are enjoying the company of each other.

The striking white highlights and the dramatic shading give the tattoo the appearance of a painting, taking the standard animation to a higher level. The artwork can be used as an individual tattoo or part of a larger work.

#31 – Chip the Teacup

Source: Instagram @popinkmarseille

Chip is one of the more special characters from the film; A tattoo style with vibrant colors depicts chip.

The bright colors emphasize the fun character of Chip and add whimsy to the tattoo. The design is adjustable to various dimensions, making it a lot of flexibility.

#32 – Beauty and the Beast Full Sleeve

Source: Instagram @stonehearttattoo

If you’re looking for even more precise Disney Beauty and the Beast tattoo sleeves, this is a perfect choice.

The film’s best elements are shown as stained glass that includes the rose as well as the ballroom scene and the characters from the castle. Utilizing the colors of sunset enhances the romanticism of the location and complements the hues of the characters.

#33 – Mrs. Potts and Chip Tagger Style

Source: Instagram @modernaddictiontattoos

A twist on the classic cartoon The illustration of Mrs. Potts and Chip gets more flair by adding a paint-sprayed “tagger” look.

The signature on the bottom of the Walt Disney font is the perfect complement to the theme of the tag. The shades and colors complete the characters with a playful and funky look.

#34 – Extreme Beast Tag

Source: Instagram @littleshelltattoos

The bold sleeve attempts to revert to the traditional street style in terms of spray paint. While it’s not an exact Beauty and the Beast reference, The design is an original Beauty and the Beast tattoo concept, especially for fans of Beast. The color scheme and style convey the essence of this character but in a more contemporary manner.

#35 – Minimalist Belle Tattoo

Source: Instagram @imogenalexandratattoo

Simple and small in style, the minimalist design of this tattoo highlights the elegance and beauty of Belle. The use of white in the design adds depth without overly complicating the appearance.

This tattoo is a lot of fun in its size and location, depending on whether it’s located on your forearm (as shown) or the calf or back. A smaller version could be simple to put on the wrist or ankle.

#36 – Belle and the Beast Happily Ever After

Source: Instagram @j.o.nieminen

It’s very easy to experience the affection in the relationship between Belle and the Beast in this adorable tattoo.

Although it’s a reference to the scene in the ballroom, this tattoo appears as if it’s been done as an after-effect of the curse being been lifted (if it weren’t for the Beastly image).

The connection between these two characters can be seen in their gentle facial expressions, which makes it the ideal look for a true lover.

#37 – Stained Glass Mickey Ear Beauty and the Beast Tattoo

Source: Instagram @kylershinntattoos

Another option for those looking to incorporate multiple Disney references is that this tattoo blends the classic Mickey ears with the adored elements in Beauty and the Beast.

The design is captivating thanks to the palette of colors and is adorned with minor features that make one be drawn to examine the structure more closely.

Thanks to the vibrant, solid shades, it also creates the perfect Beauty and the Beast temporary tattoo idea.

#38 – Belle and Chip Storybook Tattoo

Source: Instagram @ilovedisneyplus

If you’re searching for something unique for your Belle tattoo that is a bit out of the ordinary, it’s the perfect tattoo.

The tattoo shows Belle in the natural environment with her favorite books, looking peaceful. Chip looking adoringly on Belle is a lovely accessory.

However, the tattoo could be completed without the help of. To keep with the theme of storybooks, the colors look like illustrations from books.

#39 – Stained Glass Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo: Black and White

Source: Instagram @kari_rainbow

Instead of the more vibrant stained glass style, these black and white flowers appear silver due to highlights and shading. Although this design could be colored, the noir design of this tattoo provides it with a class and edge.

The perfect size for the forearm This tattoo could also be perfect to be worn on the shoulders.

#40 – Beauty and the Beast Musical Poster

Source: Instagram @gypsyrosetattoocompany

The tattoo design draws design from the musical poster that was based on the film. Its simple silhouette of Beast contrasted to the red roses is the ideal style for those seeking a simple tattoo. It’s also a great tribute to the musical for Broadway fans.

#41 – Beauty and the Beast Flower Tattoo: Calla Lilies

Source: Instagram @ben__noir

The Calla Lilies are the focus of this tattoo, changing from the traditional Disney Beauty and the Beast tattoo.

This illustrates that one can take a primary line drawing of the film and embellish it with their decoration. In this case, the flowers are the focal point, and the characters provide the background, but the whole is coherent.

#42 – She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, She Loves Me

Source: Instagram @joaolimatattoo

There is no doubt whether the Beast is thinking of Belle in this gorgeously romantic piece. In addition, the shading and highlights provide the tattoo an illustration look instead of just being tattooed.

The Beast’s expression is charming and sweet, ideal for those who appreciate the soft aspect that the Prince has. The tattoo is perfect for the forearm. However, it could be equally effective in the shoulders or the calf.

#43 – Be Our Guest Lumiere Tattoo

Source: Instagram @clodin_93

Its tattoo is a still from one of the most memorable songs from the film. The fun and upbeat Be Our Guest.

Lumiere is the ideal castle entertainer and musician with his matching “cane” and snuff “top hat,” Lumiere is the perfect castle entertainer and musician. The vibrant hues reflect the fun scene, which is the inspiration for the tattoo.

#44 – Gaston Tattoo: Don’t I Deserve the Best?

Source: Instagram @gaialaracchia

For those who love the film’s self-centered, cocky villain, The tattoo references various elements in Gaston in the movie. His face is framed in a bold, “you know you want me” smile. A little bit of tattoo-ception reveals Gaston his love for Belle and meat.

The eggs in front of him connect to Gaston’s daily breakfast, consisting of 5 dozen eggs. The perfect choice for anyone looking to create their tattoo design.

Disney tattoos make for a great and unique method of expression; using specific film references can help you communicate the message you want to convey to the larger public. Beauty and the Beast offer many tattoo designs, ranging from the more playful and humorous to those more serious.

For the mature Disney fan, the film can inspire designs that showcase an elegant look. We hope that from this collection of Disney Beauty and the Beast tattoo ideas, you have found something in line with your style and preferences.

What tattoo is your personal favorite? Comment below!

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Natural beauty – belle delphine no makeup

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We are amazed by her natural beauty Belle Delphine. This time, she is spotted with long, straight hair, large eyes, and soft, smooth skin.

An excellent way to take care of your skin is to appear gorgeous. It is a fact that women like wearing makeup to appear prettier, which is why skincare isn’t always good for your skin.

Although Belle Delphine is a cosplayer who often wears makeup, she allows the skin to breathe as much as possible—avoiding makeup such as Belle Delphine is an excellent alternative for healthier skin.

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Self-confidence – belle delphine no makeup

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On the right side of the picture, Belle Delphine wears a white dress and braided locks and is stunning thanks to her natural beauty and a happy smile.

With and without filters – belle delphine no makeup

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She is wearing an all-black T-shirt as well as a choker. The back choker is positioned perfectly around her neck and is definitely in line with her face.

It’s possible to say that Belle Delphine is proud of her face without makeup, and her bright smile helps to enhance her natural beauty.

With no makeup, Belle Delphine is beautiful in those photos. It is possible to think you think that Belle Delphine looks lovely without makeup due to her status as a cosplayer, but that isn’t true.

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